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057. Matchbook Delight! Part 14, Lloyd’s of Running Springs.

Lloyd’s of Running Springs was established in 1953 as the primary nice restaurant in the town of Running Springs, a mountain community of 5,000 persons in the San Bernardino National Forest and a way station in between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. It appears to have ceased operations within the last decade, although the […] «Read more»

036. Lomo Featured Project: The Islander Apartments. Lomo Styles: The Polynesian Gabled. Lomo Building Types: Apartments.

The eye-catching Islander Apartments is at 7000 South La Cienega Boulevard in the city of Inglewood – perhaps you have seen it on your way to the airport. The Islander may be the best, which is to say, possessed of the most densely-packed exuberance, of small apartment buildings in the “Polynesian Gabled” style. Yet another […] «Read more»