Lomo Materials Posts

043. Lomo Featured Project: the Perfect Building behind 5900 Wilshire Boulevard. Lomo Styles: the Perfect Building.

Behind William Pereira’s 30-story tower at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard stands a much less conspicuous building, its appearance uncommunicative and purpose inscrutable. It might be an exhaust shaft for underground parking, or point of egress from an exit stair, or it might contain an emergency generator. The mystery only enhances the perfection of this specimen of […] «Read more»

013. Lomo Featured Project: La Villa Basque. Introducing Endangered Lomo.

La Villa Basque is a sprawler, comprising coffee shop, restaurant, bar, and banquet hall in one big boxy building. Named in honor of the Basque heritage of City of Vernon founding father John Leonis, La Villa Basque was built by his grandson, owner Leonis Malburg, next door to the Leonis Malburg Building at the corner […] «Read more»

009. Lomo Featured Project: La Brea Liquor. Lomo Building Types: Liquor Stores.

If there were such a thing as a protypically Lower Modern building, La Brea Liquor might be it, in terms of both building type and style. As I have argued previously, the Lower Modernisms is a plural term because it encompasses a plurality of styles, so there cannot really be one prototype to stand in […] «Read more»