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030. Lomo Featured Project: Buttonwillow Rest Stop. Lomo Building Types: Washroom Buildings.

With so few details, the picnic canopy at the Buttonwillow Rest Stop off of northbound Interstate 5 is nearly a perfect building, a mini-Barcelona Pavilion in which Less is More. As conceptually introduced in Lomo post #003, such humble buildings as these, despite the integrity they may possess as modernist design, are ordinarily excluded from […] «Read more»

003. Lomo Featured Project: The Washroom Pavilion at Huntington Beach Central Park. Lomo Building Types: Washroom Buildings.

The gemlike perfection (architecturally speaking) embodied in this little washroom pavilion in the Huntington Beach Central Park comes as a surprise to me, although this perfection might well be overlooked by its users. It is a gratuitously rigorous and refined work of high-modernist architecture, despite its humble program. The expression and detailing strongly convey the […] «Read more»