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048. Lomo Featured Project: the Mobil Service Station. Lomo Styles: The Perfect Building. Lomo Building Types. Patron Saints. Endangered Lomo.

The architect and industrial designer, Eliot Noyes, earned his spot on the roster of the Patron Saints of the Lower Modernisms – despite living a classy and tasteful life in the American Northeast rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful, Noyes worked ceaselessly to expand the scope of Modernism in a downward direction. Early in […] «Read more»

027. Sunset for Santa Barbara Plaza. Lomo Featured Project: Santa Barbara Plaza, also known as Marlton Square. Endangered Lomo.

Part I: Introduction Santa Barbara Plaza is the name of a big mid-Century shopping center in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, designed in 1950 and built out in the years between 1950 and 1965. It occupies a site of about 20 acres in an irregular quadrilateral bounded by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (which […] «Read more»

022. Lomo Featured Project: Fosters Freeze. Lomo Styles: The Gourmet Mansardic. Lomo Building Types: Fast Food Restaurants.

American fast food restaurant chains hit their major growth spurt in the middle of the century and were a building type intrinsically suited to the Lower Modernist mode. A playful architectural style that was inexpensive, easily replicated and recognizable matched the needs of these restaurants trying to establish the familiarity of their brands and implant […] «Read more»