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055. Lomo Manifesto Part 7: Jaunty versus Butch.

Click here for an index of all “Lomo Manifesto” posts. As I asserted in Lomo Manifesto Part 1, architects love dichotomies. Well known examples such as Discipline and Practice, Avant Garde and Kitsch, and Duck versus Decorated Shed have been used as scalpels to cut a category in half in order to see what its […] «Read more»

052. Snacks of the Lomo Future.

Foodstuffs may seem outside the scope of the Lower Modernisms, but they can be a designed product, the culmination of the coordinated efforts of many, with artistic, commercial and cultural impacts often analogous to those of buildings. The term “Modernist Cuisine” refers to a technical and scientific approach to food preparation and brings to mind […] «Read more»

051. Lomo Manifesto Part 6: Wondering what that Term “Modernism” Means.

Click here for an index of all “Lomo Manifesto” posts. Defining the Lower Modernisms as those categories of design endeavors that are Modernist in style and intent but fall short of the standards of legitimate Modernism begs the question of what the vague and overused term “Modernism” means in this context. As the foregoing definition […] «Read more»

044. Lomo Manifesto Part 4: Lomo versus Pomo (Part B), The Pomo Quantum Leap.

Click here for an index of all “Lomo Manifesto” posts. It was not so long ago that the dominant architectural-historical narrative held that Modernism was dead, succeeded in the evolution of avant-garde movements by something called Postmodernism. During those dark years, the conquering Postmodernist overlords strode the lands like kings. Meanwhile the persecuted Modernists struggled, […] «Read more»