Lomo Food Posts

064. Lomo Featured Project: The Donut Hole. The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles. Lomo Building Types.

According to the LA Conservancy’s website, the Donut Hole, at 15300 Amar Road in La Puente, was constructed in 1968. Unlike the other giant donut buildings in which the donut is a sign appended to the building, the Donut Hole legitimately integrates the donut into its architecture, technically qualifying it as Programmatic Architecture, meaning that […] «Read more»

063. The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles. Lomo Building Types. Bicycle Tour.

The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles Bicycle Tour took place on March 6, 2016. Seven of us embarked on the challenge of riding a 55-mile loop through southeastern Los Angeles County with stops at eight of the ten extant donut shops that integrate giant donuts into their architecture. Six of us completed the ride, but […] «Read more»

062. Giant Donuts of Los Angeles Bicycle Tour.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 6, 2016, for the Giant Donuts of Los Angeles bicycle tour. At least ten extant Giant Donuts, apotheoses of programmatic architecture, remain throughout the Southland. Architecture Burger’s Smart Patrol will survey eight of them and sample their wares during a vigorous, donut-powered, 55-mile loop ride. The tour will cover […] «Read more»

052. Snacks of the Lomo Future.

Foodstuffs may seem outside the scope of the Lower Modernisms, but they can be a designed product, the culmination of the coordinated efforts of many, with artistic, commercial and cultural impacts often analogous to those of buildings. The term “Modernist Cuisine” refers to a technical and scientific approach to food preparation and brings to mind […] «Read more»