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064. Lomo Featured Project: The Donut Hole. The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles. Lomo Building Types.

According to the LA Conservancy’s website, the Donut Hole, at 15300 Amar Road in La Puente, was constructed in 1968. Unlike the other giant donut buildings in which the donut is a sign appended to the building, the Donut Hole legitimately integrates the donut into its architecture, technically qualifying it as Programmatic Architecture, meaning that […] «Read more»

063. The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles. Lomo Building Types. Bicycle Tour.

The Giant Donuts of Los Angeles Bicycle Tour took place on March 6, 2016. Seven of us embarked on the challenge of riding a 55-mile loop through southeastern Los Angeles County with stops at eight of the ten extant donut shops that integrate giant donuts into their architecture. Six of us completed the ride, but […] «Read more»

062. Giant Donuts of Los Angeles Bicycle Tour.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 6, 2016, for the Giant Donuts of Los Angeles bicycle tour. At least ten extant Giant Donuts, apotheoses of programmatic architecture, remain throughout the Southland. Architecture Burger’s Smart Patrol will survey eight of them and sample their wares during a vigorous, donut-powered, 55-mile loop ride. The tour will cover […] «Read more»

058. Towards a Stucco Brutalism. Lomo Featured Project: Casa Serrana. Lomo Building Types: Apartments. Lomo Styles.

The term “Brutalism” refers to what was both a movement and a style in Mid-Century Modern architecture. The architects Alison and Peter Smithson had laid claim to the term in the early 1950s, hoisting the “New Brutalism” as an emblem of their idealistic, ethically minded brand of Modernism; Reyner Banham then asserted his critical ownership […] «Read more»

056. Still Lifes of Vessels on Liquor Store Signage. Lomo Building Types: Liquor Stores.

In the post on La Brea Liquor, I asserted that “a modernizing style, connoting mature sophistication, is a good fit with selling products whose use is often considered to be a vice.” This post is a survey of a specific element by which that sense of sophistication was pursued, the representations of liquor vessels on […] «Read more»

054. Lomo Featured Projects: Carson Plaza and Circus Do-nuts. Lomo Field Trip: Carson Street, Torrance.

One sunny morning in July, I took a lomo field trip down to Carson Street in Torrance, where a couple of projects had caught my eye previously on a quick drive-by. On route via Crenshaw Boulevard, I passed a couple of minor landmarks from the 1960s fast-food boom. This improbably well preserved Baskin-Robbins ice cream […] «Read more»

048. Lomo Featured Project: the Mobil Service Station. Lomo Styles: The Perfect Building. Lomo Building Types. Patron Saints. Endangered Lomo.

The architect and industrial designer, Eliot Noyes, earned his spot on the roster of the Patron Saints of the Lower Modernisms – despite living a classy and tasteful life in the American Northeast rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful, Noyes worked ceaselessly to expand the scope of Modernism in a downward direction. Early in […] «Read more»

040. Lomo Featured Project: Henry’s Tacos, Studio City. Endangered Lomo.

Standing at the corner of Tujunga Avenue and Moorpark Street in Studio City/North Hollywood since 1961, Henry’s Tacos is a taco stand in the literal sense of the term – you conduct your transaction standing at a window. The tacos are “gringo” style. The crunchy taco shells are fried prior to filling, like the ones […] «Read more»

039. The Polynesian Gabled Apartments of Rosemead Boulevard. Lomo Styles: The Polynesian Gabled. Lomo Building Types: Apartments.

Located at 4501 Rosemead Boulevard in the city of Rosemead is the Bahooka Family Restaurant, a true cultural treasure resembling a tiki bar times ten, filled with fishtanks, and serving ribs and family foods in addition to sugary drinks. Bahooka is at the approach, presumably by more than mere coincidence, to a cluster of apartment […] «Read more»

036. Lomo Featured Project: The Islander Apartments. Lomo Styles: The Polynesian Gabled. Lomo Building Types: Apartments.

The eye-catching Islander Apartments is at 7000 South La Cienega Boulevard in the city of Inglewood – perhaps you have seen it on your way to the airport. The Islander may be the best, which is to say, possessed of the most densely-packed exuberance, of small apartment buildings in the “Polynesian Gabled” style. Yet another […] «Read more»

032. Lomo Featured Projects: Cafetales formerly known as Sheri’s Restaurant, Inglewood, and Brolly Hut, Inglewood. 2011 Googie Coffee Shops Bicycle Ride Series, October Ride.

The October installment of the Googie Coffee Shops Bicycle Ride Series was nominally destined for Cafetales, a Pupusería on La Brea Avenue in Inglewood, but the ride, relatively well attended with 11 riders, expanded into a miniature Tour of Inglewood. This city is a remarkable place for enthusiasts of the Modern. Much of the existing […] «Read more»

030. Lomo Featured Project: Buttonwillow Rest Stop. Lomo Building Types: Washroom Buildings.

With so few details, the picnic canopy at the Buttonwillow Rest Stop off of northbound Interstate 5 is nearly a perfect building, a mini-Barcelona Pavilion in which Less is More. As conceptually introduced in Lomo post #003, such humble buildings as these, despite the integrity they may possess as modernist design, are ordinarily excluded from […] «Read more»

025. Lomo Featured Project: Camelot Golfland. Lomo Styles: Ye Olde England and others. Lomo Building Types: Amusement Architectures.

Camelot Golfland, located at 3200 East Carpenter Avenue in Anaheim just off of the 91 Freeway, is one of the foremost miniature golf venues in Southern California, and probably the whole world. It features five 18-hole courses, an arcade that looks like a giant castle, an architectural waterslide, and a Lower-Modernist landscape design of overall […] «Read more»

022. Lomo Featured Project: Fosters Freeze. Lomo Styles: The Gourmet Mansardic. Lomo Building Types: Fast Food Restaurants.

American fast food restaurant chains hit their major growth spurt in the middle of the century and were a building type intrinsically suited to the Lower Modernist mode. A playful architectural style that was inexpensive, easily replicated and recognizable matched the needs of these restaurants trying to establish the familiarity of their brands and implant […] «Read more»

017. Introducing the Dingbat.

The dingbat apartment building was the predominant form of multifamily housing constructed in Southern California between 1950 and 1970, a typology that as such probably accounts for the majority of all buildings in Los Angeles that can reasonably be considered to be Lower Modernist – modern in style and intent, but failing to meet the […] «Read more»

011. Lomo Featured Project: The Baldwin Hills Motor Inn. Lomo Styles: The Gourmet Mansardic. Lomo Building Types: Motels.

Today’s featured project is the Baldwin Hills Motor Inn, a fine and well preserved specimen of a Lomo style that we shall call The Gourmet Mansardic, located at 3020 South La Brea Avenue near Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles. According to the assessor’s records, The B.H.M.I. was built in 1948 with a major addition in […] «Read more»

009. Lomo Featured Project: La Brea Liquor. Lomo Building Types: Liquor Stores.

If there were such a thing as a protypically Lower Modern building, La Brea Liquor might be it, in terms of both building type and style. As I have argued previously, the Lower Modernisms is a plural term because it encompasses a plurality of styles, so there cannot really be one prototype to stand in […] «Read more»

003. Lomo Featured Project: The Washroom Pavilion at Huntington Beach Central Park. Lomo Building Types: Washroom Buildings.

The gemlike perfection (architecturally speaking) embodied in this little washroom pavilion in the Huntington Beach Central Park comes as a surprise to me, although this perfection might well be overlooked by its users. It is a gratuitously rigorous and refined work of high-modernist architecture, despite its humble program. The expression and detailing strongly convey the […] «Read more»

001. Introducing AB1006: The Lower Modernisms

Architecture Burger project AB1006, code-named “The Smartpatrol Blog,” is an effort to investigate, analyze, and define “the Lower Modernisms”. I hope to refine my conception of that term along the way, but here is a working definition of the Lower Modernisms: those categories of design endeavors that are Modernist in style and intent, but fall […] «Read more»