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055. Lomo Manifesto Part 7: Jaunty versus Butch.

Click here for an index of all “Lomo Manifesto” posts. As I asserted in Lomo Manifesto Part 1, architects love dichotomies. Well known examples such as Discipline and Practice, Avant Garde and Kitsch, and Duck versus Decorated Shed have been used as scalpels to cut a category in half in order to see what its […] «Read more»

044. Lomo Manifesto Part 4: Lomo versus Pomo (Part B), The Pomo Quantum Leap.

Click here for an index of all “Lomo Manifesto” posts. It was not so long ago that the dominant architectural-historical narrative held that Modernism was dead, succeeded in the evolution of avant-garde movements by something called Postmodernism. During those dark years, the conquering Postmodernist overlords strode the lands like kings. Meanwhile the persecuted Modernists struggled, […] «Read more»

036. Lomo Featured Project: The Islander Apartments. Lomo Styles: The Polynesian Gabled. Lomo Building Types: Apartments.

The eye-catching Islander Apartments is at 7000 South La Cienega Boulevard in the city of Inglewood – perhaps you have seen it on your way to the airport. The Islander may be the best, which is to say, possessed of the most densely-packed exuberance, of small apartment buildings in the “Polynesian Gabled” style. Yet another […] «Read more»

030. Lomo Featured Project: Buttonwillow Rest Stop. Lomo Building Types: Washroom Buildings.

With so few details, the picnic canopy at the Buttonwillow Rest Stop off of northbound Interstate 5 is nearly a perfect building, a mini-Barcelona Pavilion in which Less is More. As conceptually introduced in Lomo post #003, such humble buildings as these, despite the integrity they may possess as modernist design, are ordinarily excluded from […] «Read more»

026. Lomo Featured Project: Chip’s Coffee Shop, Hawthorne. 2011 Googie Coffee Shops Bicycle Ride Series, July Ride.

The July edition of the Googie Coffee Shops Bicycle Ride Series took us straight down La Brea to Chip’s Coffee Shop in the city of Hawthorne. Chip’s was built in 1957 to a design by architect Harry Harrison, and aside from the addition of a patio at its south end, appears to be pretty close […] «Read more»

022. Lomo Featured Project: Fosters Freeze. Lomo Styles: The Gourmet Mansardic. Lomo Building Types: Fast Food Restaurants.

American fast food restaurant chains hit their major growth spurt in the middle of the century and were a building type intrinsically suited to the Lower Modernist mode. A playful architectural style that was inexpensive, easily replicated and recognizable matched the needs of these restaurants trying to establish the familiarity of their brands and implant […] «Read more»

018. Lomo Featured Project: Skip’s Liquor and The Swamp Cooler, North Shore, California.

The townlet of North Shore, California, is best known as the home of the North Shore Yacht Club, Albert Frey’s 1962 Nautical-Modern building on the Salton Sea. Until last year a derelict and dangerous wreck, this building was quite nicely renovated and reopened in 2010 as the Salton Sea History Museum. Feeling a sense of […] «Read more»

011. Lomo Featured Project: The Baldwin Hills Motor Inn. Lomo Styles: The Gourmet Mansardic. Lomo Building Types: Motels.

Today’s featured project is the Baldwin Hills Motor Inn, a fine and well preserved specimen of a Lomo style that we shall call The Gourmet Mansardic, located at 3020 South La Brea Avenue near Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles. According to the assessor’s records, The B.H.M.I. was built in 1948 with a major addition in […] «Read more»

008. Lomo Manifesto Part 2: Russ Holthouse on Popular Modernism.

Editor’s Note: Today’s post, continuing the dialog about the significance of the Lower Modernisms and contextualizing them as a subset of Popular Modernism, was contributed by Russ Holthouse. Russ is a Los Angeles-based architect, a fellow enthusiast and student of Modernism, and an old friend of mine. -JAB I think what you’ve described as “The […] «Read more»